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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When are Garage Sales allowed?
There are no restrictions on Garage Sales in our Covenants or in the Mill Creek Municipal Code. Neighborhoods located in the Mill Creek Community Association (MCCA) are limited to the first Saturday in May and October. Highland Trails is not a member of MCCA and we are not affected by their rules. However, families have found that having sales on those dates result in high traffic due to our proximity to MCCA. To increase traffic on these two days, we place neighborhood garage sale signs in prominent locations.

Where are the parks in our neighborhood located?
There are two park areas in Highland Trails. The Little Park is in between the two cul-de-sacs in the center portion. The Big Park is on the Northeast portion, accessed at the eastern end of 140th Place SE. There is also a sports court with two basketball hoops found in the Southwest portion, accessed from the trail system. Both parks are shown on this map.

How can the covenants be amended?
Section 8.20 of the covenants detail the mechanism required to modify the covenants. Amendments require at least 70% of the owners approval. This means that 89 homeowners must support a covenant modification - they are required to vote in person or in writing in support of a proposal from the Board. Without 89 homeowners supporting a covenant amendment, the covenants remain the same. Inversely, if 38 homeowners either do not support the change OR do not respond, the attempt will not be successful.

I have an issue with a neighbor. What steps can I take?
We recommend you consider these options;
-Talk to your neighbor about the problem. Listen to understand their position. Offer to help them resolve the issue.
-Read and understand our covenants. If there is a violation, bring it to our attention.
-Understand the laws of the city, county and state. Contact appropriate law enforcement if you suspect a violation.

Why doesn’t the Board do something about _______________?
We are limited to only acting on specific violations of our covenants. If the issue is not specifically addressed there, the Board has no authority to act. If you aware of a violation of the covenants, please make us aware of the issue and the covenant you feel it violates.

I am concerned about the trees near my house. I would like them examined / trimmed / cut down / removed.
The Association has an independent Certified Arborist visit our neighborhood every two years. This individual is instructed to examine every tree that is within falling distance of property, sidewalks and streets. The Arborist identifies every tree that might be at risk of falling in the next 24 months. The Association then files for permits from the City of Mill Creek to have those trees removed. Once approved, we engage a professional tree removal firm to take the tree down so it is no longer a threat to life or property. Where feasible, we leave enough of the tree standing to provide habitat for wildlife.

An Arborist can be brought out to examine a tree that is at clear risk of falling, and you can let us know of such a situation via our Contact Page.

If the tree is on your property, then you must receive a Tree Removal Permit from the City of Mill Creek. If you do not receive a permit, we will notify the City when we see the tree has been removed and they will take appropriate enforcement action.

How much are the annual dues, and when are they collected?
The dues for 2018 are $478.75. Our fiscal year is the calendar year, and dues are collected in August to pay for the NEXT calendar year.

What are the dues used for?

The funds collected from homeowners are used for professional management fees, to meet the operating expenses and upkeep for the neighborhood and common areas. These costs include water for the sprinkler system and the landscaping. These costs are generally divided amongst the 126 homes, with a small amount allotted for a reserve fund.

When is trash collected?
Our trash day is on Monday for trash, recycling and yard waste. Please remove your trash cans from the curb as soon as you can. More information can be found at the Waste Management website.